Rules to M.A.P

Pick your username and profile information carefully. Offensive usernames or profile information will be deleted, and in some cases the accounts will be banned.

Pretending to be M.A.P staff or claiming to have special influence with the M.A.P staff will get you banned.

          Graphic or illegal content is not allowed anywhere on M.A.P fail to comply and you will be banned.

                         DO NOT ask for passwords or attempt to gain access to other people’s accounts.

DO NOT post your contact information such as email or messenger ID's, cell phones or home phone numbers, school name, home address, etc. in the public screen. This is for YOUR protection and privacy.


How Can I Report Someone?

We want everyone and anyone who visits M.A.P to enjoy their time spent here. if someone is harassing you, threatening or sending you offensive messages, report them to an arcade master by sending a private message explaining what has happened followed by the offenders username to either [AM]Radix or [AM]Pink.

I Have Been Banned, What Should I Do?

Depending on your circumstances this will determine how long your ban holds, whether it’s just for 4 hours, 24 hours or permanently. But with most cases you should just wait for your ban to be lifted by an administrator. This can take up to 4-24 hours.

This game is offensive!

M.A.P has thousands of games and it’s very difficult to play absolutely every one, if there’s a game that upsets or offends you, please click “report game” which is located above the game and we’ll get it checked out ASAP for you, if we agree that the game is offensive we will have it removed.

How do I earn points?!

You can earn points by doing many various things in M.A.P such as playing games, rating games, leaving game comments…

The games are not loading!?

Try switching your internet browser, if still no hope, send a private message to either [AM]Radix or [AM]Pink, where the situation will be investigated.